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North America’s 2018 CSA Diploma in Coaching Supervision

Announcing CSA North America’s 2018 Diploma in Coaching Supervision 

Dear North American Colleague:

May I draw your attention to the CSA – North America’s Coaching Supervision Diploma 2018?

Like its counterparts in the UK, France, and around the world, this rigorous nine-month program centers on creating a lively professional partnership with coaches; one in which they can significantly develop their range and capabilities as a coach and supervisor and return to their work resourced and stimulated. It is highly experiential in its approach while still being supported by teaching and practice in current supervision theories and models.

Who Is This Program For?

Highly skilled, experienced internal and external coaches who want to use their knowledge and expertise differently and who are looking for their next challenge or career move.

Senior people in business or consultants, who have coaching and mentoring as part of their function: for example HR, OD, L&D, Heads of Departments, Change Management and Strategy.

Coaches, mentors, consultants who are looking for a well-established, challenging, EMCC accredited program that can provide an excellent forum for learning and development.

Anyone in the coaching and mentoring field who wants to become a first class supervisor and continue their own journey toward mastery.

What You Will Learn

An in-depth knowledge of the Full Spectrum Model – this model was developed from over a decade of practice, reflection and refinement in the field, so is highly tested. It includes: Hawkins and Smith’s 7 eyed model, Senge et al work on Presence and U theory, Time to Think and Appreciative Inquiry insights.

Up to date research on relational dynamics and presence.

Process and structure of coaching supervision including: contracting, designing the working alliance, creating the learning partnership, the difference between coaching and supervision

Energy management – applying the principles of quantum physics, neuroscience and mindfulness to coaching supervision, including managing strong emotions.

Teaching on coaching psychology including: Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Transpersonal Psychology, transference, parallel process, collusion, narcissism, blind spots.

Latest developments in systems thinking in organisations.

Knowledge of a wide variety of tools for use in sessions, for example – Karpman Drama Triangle, Magic Box, Two chair work, ways to access relational wisdom, constellations, use of cards and other creative techniques, use of body and other somatic and embodiment techniques.

Development of the internal supervisor, reflective practitioner and use of self in supervision.

Program Venue and Dates

The program will be held in Seattle (Edmonds), Washington, on the following dates:

Module 1: May 17, 18, 19, 2018

Module 2: September 21, 22, 23 2018 

Module 3: January 11, 12 2019

Deadline:  March 31st 2018 because there is considerable pre-work before Module 1.

What Are The Benefits?

Being at the forefront in people development particularly within the coaching and mentoring industry.

Earn ICF 73 CCEUs (46 Core Competencies and 27 Resource Development), a further 8 CCEUs in Core Competencies can be gained from the compulsory supervision sessions attached to the course, and attending a course approved by ICF and accredited by EMCC – European Mentoring and Coaching Council

Accreditation by CSA and membership into CSA community of accredited, highly skilled and experienced coaching supervisors

Entries in CSA coaching supervision database for those looking for coaching supervisors

Additional revenue stream and improvements to your current coaching practice

“I can say at this point in my career and life that the CSA program has opened many inner and outer doors, thus transforming my experience as a professional coach and enlightening me as a person along the way.” KG  .

“I joined CSA’s north America program with the goal of building skills to supervise other coaches, but that only scratches the surface of the positive changes which have occurred since I began the program. Without doubt, my own coaching work is moving to another level: more present, more connected, more courageous. And in the conversations with my supervisees, the learning is absolutely two-way. I come away from each supervision session with insights, and a deeper appreciation for the challenges and joys of coaching practice. CSA is a program I can wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend!” PW.

“CSA supervision course bought together all my prior learning and experience resulting in a deepening in all areas of my work. It is a holistic course encompassing many of the great psychological teachings with contemporary coaching techniques and thinking. It was rigorous, academic, theoretical, awareness raising and self-reflective. The wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience of the tutors gave the course solidity, credibility and diversity. They were very inspiring, supportive and inclusive. It put supervision in a context as an essential tool for coaching and clearly demonstrated the qualitative value to a coach’s practice.” Leanne Lowish CSA Graduate

Since 2005, CSA has trained over 500 Executive and Business coaches and leaders; their accredited graduate supervisors are working world-wide. Our approach has a dual focus, personal and professional, as it is based upon our assertion that, “who you are, is how you supervise”. You can learn more about the Coaching Supervision Academy from their website: Coaching Supervision Academy.

Find Out More

For further information on the US based CSA Supervision Diploma or to register interest in this program, please contact either myself, (425) 787-0846 or Lynne De Lay:, (413) 458-5110

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