Dr Alison Hodge




In May 1985 I set up my own sales and management training consultancy. Since completing my MSc in Change Agent Skills andStrategies in 2000, I now focus primarily on coaching supervision alongside team and group facilitation.

My work with clients, be it in supervision, group facilitation or experiential workshops, is based on co-creating collaborative learning relationships that support clients’ personal and professional development. What I love about this work is the emergent nature of how we build the relationship, of the co-creative enquiry. I see this as exploration, I see it as a place for us to be curious, I see it as a place to investigate, you, me, us, your client, your clients’ systems, and actually then we can look at the theories and models that might support you, the practices that support you and how you can bring as much of yourself as is relevant into this work to affirm, to inspire, to help the learning of your client, be that on a one-to- one basis or with groups and teams.

For me, by exploring our practice through dialogue, exchange and curiosity in our experience, we can have fun at the same time are able to deepen the learning and development that occurs through our relationship, the client issues that we investigate and our subsequent reflections.

I completed my Professional Doctorate in Coaching Supervision at Middlesex University in 2014 and as a result my work is strongly informed now by Action Research. Since then I have become increasingly involved in team and group work and in 2017, together with colleagues from CSA, I have co-facilitated what I believe is the first UK-based Team Coaching Supervision Training Programme.

As an accredited EMCC Coach at Master Practitioner level and APECS Coaching Supervisor, my professional practice is underpinned by the Global Code of Ethics as well as the APECS Ethical Guidelines.

I bring a personal empathy to my client relationships, together with the academic appreciation and understanding of change and adult learning processes. I believe that I am valued for my passionate enthusiasm and my deep belief in people’s ability to succeed and grow. My tai ji practice helps to keep me grounded, mindful and present in my work and relationships.

I facilitated a live group supervision session at the Coaching Supervision in the Americas: Second annual conference 13-14 June 2019, Montréal, Canada

where we explored a client issue from which we identified possible elements of parallel process. My paper for the workshop is here.

Language: English