Catherine Stagg-Macey


In looking for meaning in my life, I gave up a career in management consulting to become a coach. And several years into that journey, I was drawn to the magic of what supervision creates wanting more of that spaciousness in my coaching. Now trained with CSA, I have a small supervision practice that sits alongside my coaching practice. I love the reflective nature and slower pace of supervision and would love to invite more coaches to lean into, love and learn in such a space.

As a coach, I work with executives and teams mostly in the technology sector. I work with people who have a sense of agency and an appetite for change. Many of these folk are founders of startups where I find I spend increasingly more of my time.

In previous roles, I’ve developed software, managed development projects and budgeted and strategized. I’ve led teams, mentored staff, brainstormed and had a few of those “hard conversations”. I’ve spent over twenty years in the corporate world.

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Languages: English

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