Dr Doug Montgomery



As a Coach Supervisor, I offer a learning partnership in which we co-create a safe space for you to reflect on your practice and work with what emerges in service of your clients and your ongoing personal and professional development as a coach.


My passion is supporting the growth and development of others is what brought me to change career and become an executive coach and a coach supervisor.


I became an executive coach and consequently a coach supervisor after a 28 years career in the pharmaceutical industry as a research scientist, senior leader and internal coach in GlaxoSmithKline.

My last role at GlaxoSmithKline was Director of Coaching with responsibility for the cohort of over 300 internal coaches who coached other leaders in addition to their normal roles in the organisation. I have personal experience of the conflicting agendas, boundary management and other challenges of operating as an internal coach. Therefore, I am particularly interested in offering an empathetic and independent supervision and continuous development for internal coaches.


Speciality : Coach Supervision to experienced executive coaches and to internal coaches; Leadership Reflection for middle and senior leaders.


Languages: English



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