Fiona Brooks




Fiona has over 20 years of experience in management, leadership, consulting and coaching in the corporate world. Originally trained as an engineer she worked in the oil industry around Australia, Asia and the Middle East in a range of roles across engineering, logistics, domestic gas marketing and team development and alignment. These roles required facilitating, collaborating with and leading people from a wide range of cultures, backgrounds, ages and organisational levels.


An accredited Executive Coach since 2009 and Coach and Leadership Supervisor since 2014, Fiona has a passion for helping leaders and groups to think systemically and from diverse perspectives. She is now using these techniques and others in her work with businesses, communities and movements for social change.


Fiona’s style is warm, calm and intuitive, opening and holding the space for business leaders to see more clearly so they can better understand the wider business system and hence make wiser decisions. Reflection sessions are held face-to-face, by phone, or using Skype or similar technologies.


  • CSA Leadership Supervisor
  • Accredited CSA Global Coach Supervisor



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