Joanne Kerr

Joanne Kerr


I became a CSA graduate in 2011, and have been working as a coach supervisor ever since. I work mainly within the public sector, the NHS, Education, Social Care, and the 3rd sector. Since becoming involved with the CSA my journey as both Coach and Coach Supervisor has been both rich and rewarding. My Coaching and Supervision Interests and Strengths include:

  • Supporting coachees, coaches and mentors to have candid conversations with themselves and others.
  • Energy and presence – how being completely present in coaching and supervision can have a powerful impact on results.
  • Authenticity – understand that ‘who we are’ is ‘how we lead/coach/manage’.
  • Building strong connected relationships that empower and enable, through honest and direct feedback.
  • Bring models, tools and creative techniques to encourage deeper learning.

I work hard to bring myself fully to this work and I am in a supportive and transformative supervisory relationship with my own supervisor. This work has changed me for the better in that I have grown, I can accept and tolerate more, I can sometimes judge less, and I can be me.

  • Accredited CSA Global Coach Supervisor

Language: English

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