Kathryn Downing



As an executive coach, coaching supervisor and facilitator Kathryn draws on the knowledge and perspectives gained from almost 10 years of executive coaching experience and 3 plus years as a coaching supervisor. She comes with a joyous commitment to lifelong learning and her beliefs in the resourcefulness of her clients and supervisees.

Her leadership experience in business (including as Publisher, CEO and President of the Los Angeles Times) and on the boards and as Chair of non-profit organizations has given her a real world understanding of organization and systems dynamics.

In her coaching supervision practice, she works with executive coaches, with a variety of experience, to deepen their resourcefulness and resiliency, learn about themselves and explore their work. She co-creates a sacred space for coaches to reflect on and about their body of work. One of her core values in this work is that deepening one’s personal understanding will enable one to deepen their professional understanding. She believes in holistically approaching supervision with a focus on the self as coach. Most her supervision is done in groups of 5-6 coaches.

Her work is informed by deep reflection and integration of the Brené Brown approach to authenticity, resiliency, wholehearted living and The Daring Way. She is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator.

She lives with her husband, and two dogs in Santa Barbara, California. In addition to being a grandmother and favorite Aunt, she loves walking on the beach, cooking, and international ballroom dance.

  • Accredited CSA Global Coach Supervisor

Accredited with CSA since: 2015

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