Kees de Vries



Kees de Vries, I am a dancer.


Being a coach and supervisor is being a dancer.

Dancing is being in flow, having a relationship and having trust.

And then of course there is rhythm, moving and exploring together, having fun, making turns, according to the music.
I start with a cautious foxtrot. We feel each other, I sense what you want.
As an expert dancer, I’ll lead you to look good, to feel good, and I make you shine.
The knowing is in the body, not in the theory.
Not knowing is the essence in dancing. Not knowing ignites curiosity that keeps us in motion together.
And that creates room for discovering more possibilities and new moves, for breakthroughs and the unprecedented.
And of course for enhancement of the moves you already make in your practice.
Leadership, progress and results are all about relationships and driven by the person you are.
That is my motto for my coaching and supervision.


I am an accredited coach (PCC status) with 30 years of experience, and active member of the International Coach Federation.

For eight years I have been active in the ICF’s Ethics Independent Review Board.
Currently I am developing thoughts about ethics for the coaching supervision practice.


  • ICF - President’s Award for outstanding work to promote coaching in a humanitarian capacity
  • Masters in work & organisation psychology
  • Registered psychologist NIP/W&O
  • certificate for attending Team Coaching Supervision Programme by Allison Hodge Associates
  • Certified by Hudson Institute of Coaching,
  • Accredited CSA Global Coach Supervisor



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