Lorenza Clifford



Lorenza is an innovative leadership development professional with senior level, multi-sector experience. She combines a growth mindset with real understanding of leadership, coaching psychology and practical coaching experience. She has a track record of successful coaching with board-level executives, practice leaders and heads of businesses. Since 2003, she has alternated working for clients in her own coaching business, with full-time Senior Management contracts. In 2014&15 she was Head of Coaching with Grant Thornton, a firm known for it’s coaching culture and it’s innovative pool of coaches.


Lorenza has been an accredited supervisor since 2012, having qualified with the Coaching Supervision Academy. She has a relational approach. She creates a safe and egalitarian space through presence and listening. She employs questions, tools and occasionally information, as appropriate to your conversations.


She will mine several perspectives for insights that enhance practice. The relational perspectives are loosely described by the pronouns I, You, We, They and It. Lorenza brings an innovative edge, and makes thinking and learning exciting and practical. In real world networks, the relationships between you and your coachees, (and between them and others) will be mirrored in the microcosm of the supervision relationship. Lorenza will lead you to explore, as relevant, the parallel processes in play.


In her role as Assessor with the Accreditation team at the Association for Coaching, Lorenza reads and thinks in depth about the different manifestations of coaching competences at all levels. She understands, recognises and can choose to use many different methodologies in her coaching.


Coaching is a broad church. Lorenza’s interest in the function and merit of different approaches has led her to obtain training and certification in many approaches over her professional life. She has great skill in identifying your particular strengths to feedback, and conveying, in a palatable way, areas to explore and develop. You’ll find her curious and non-judgemental. Should you be preparing for accreditation, it is good to know you are in knowledgeable hands.


You’ve developed your skills and been awarded your qualification as a coach. Perhaps you have had these for a long time and found your way so far, but want to push on to more adventurous waters. Either way, it is time to leave safe harbour and provide passage for others’ learning in whatever conditions you meet as you go. This is where the real development happens! You’re going to want an experienced supervisor alongside.


Lorenza is interested in the everyday decisions as well as those bigger dilemmas and in exploring how we navigate these in different situations and across cultures. She holds the space to think through and make sense of complex situations and then take meaningful decisions and actions.


  • Director
  • Accredited CSA Global Coach Supervisor



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