Pirjo Puhakka



Executive and Leadership Coach, Coaching Supervisor


Helping my clients to be more fully themselves is key in my work, as this is the very path I walked myself when being Supervised and then becoming a Coach Supervisor myself. My mission as a Supervisor (inspired by Orriss) is to support my clients to realise their full potential and become all of who they are. This I want to do with open mind and curiosity, using an eclectic toolbox and drawing from a wealth of sources (e.g. 7-eyed-model and creative tools). Using myself as an instrument, for the benefit of the Supervisee, is the very core of my work as a Supervisor, and as a Coach as well.

My clients see me as authentic, honest, kind and firm. “To have someone supervise you who loves her work and is deeply curious and interested in yours is a stimulating and joyful place to start” (Shohet, 2008). This is a quote that resonates a lot with me.

I work with my Supervisees face-to-face in Helsinki (Finland) and remotely (via Skype, Zoom) anywhere.

I have received regular Supervision from 2014 onwards, and my Supervisors are from Ireland and India.


Speciality: One-to-one Supervision


Languages: English, Finnish


Accredited with CSA since: 2018

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