As a former ICF board member and a founding board member of the Asdociation of Coaching Supervisors AOCS Jackie brings a wealth of experience to her coaching & supervision.


She is a selected leadership supervisor for CSA and uses clean language as her preferred methodology. Highly respectful, non-judgmental and assumption free this methodology is unique in its effectiveness when working in multi-cultural environments. Jackie coaches 1-2-1 and groups face to face and virtually worldwide via audio visual platforms.


She co-edited ‘Full Spectrum Supervision’ with Edna Murdoch and is the author of ‘Coaching Supervision at its BEST’ Crown House. Jackies supervision is calm respectful and fun! She is not afraid to challenge and in doing so often gains useful learning for both supervisees and supervisor! Jackie loves to share creative ways of working. She uses different environments and methods to bring out the very best in those she supervises.

BEST = Build Engage Support Trust.

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