John Koch

Lighthouse Empowering Ltd


Passionate about opening new perspectives with you to inspire by who you are in what you do

John is known as an authentic and caring person with a deep presence. He partners with people and organisations in reflective dialogues that inspire change and growth.

The passion to be more supportive in people’s lives has shaped John’s journey over the last 15 years and led him to found Lighthouse Empowering Ltd. in 2015.

Reflective Partnering
Both of John’s main current roles as a supervisor accredited by the Coaching Supervision Academy (CSA) and as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF) have evolved from working in a counselling centre where he experienced deep personal development. This has formed his psychological awareness which is helping him to come alongside people with authenticity and openness.

Theological Studies
The transition from this counselling centre to his current roles involved graduate studies in theology and ministry.

People Orientation
His deep longing to become more people-oriented led John to move on from his successful business and engineering career in 2006.

Leadership in Business and Engineering
Up to 2006 John led a global gas turbine after sales and service division (MAN Turbo) and prior to that, he was involved in various leading engineering and project management roles in sales and construction of large utility gas and combined cycle power plant projects (ABB, Alstom Power) around the world.

Areas of Specialization

His areas of specialisation in reflective partnering are:

  • Leadership and team development
  • Personal development and life-purpose
  • Organisation development
  • Cross-cultural leadership and collaboration
  • Relationships
  • Training

Working Assumptions

John’s approach to reflective partnering for new perspectives to emerge is relational and holistic, and based on the following principles:

  • Love makes the world go round
  • Who you are is how you live
  • Let go to let come


  • Leadership, life-purpose and relationship coaching of people in various organisational and cross-cultural settings
  • Various leadership positions in the corporate world and NGOs, including mission agencies
  • Years of global business experience
  • Degrees / diplomas in coaching supervision, coaching; theology; management, business and administration and engineering

Cross-Cultural Experience

  • Americas: USA, Canada, Brazil
  • Europe: Switzerland, Germany, UK…
  • North and East Africa
  • Middle east: Iran
  • Asia: India, Nepal, Thailand

Speciality: Leadership and team development, Personal development and life-purpose, Organisation development, Cross-cultural leadership and collaboration, Relationships

Languages: English, German

Accredited with CSA since: 2019

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