Stephanie Lam


Outcomes with Stephanie’s coaching session will have an IRIDESCENT hue – a life full of hope, joy and energy in which one can achieve personal and professional fulfilment. She believes that everyone is unique and, whatever their background, have the potential to achieve many skills with proficiency.

Stephanie has coached and facilitated workshops over 3,500 hours with 33 nationalities. A broad range of international clients from millennial, zillennial, young talents, individual contributors, private bankers, hedge fund bankers, middle management to senior executives and C-suite level from various industries, nations and cultures.

This multicultural foundation allows her to be able to understand and hold diverse perspectives simultaneously. In her coaching practice, with an in-depth knowledge of the Full Spectrum model and Coaching Competencies model, Stephanie blends the systemic, the psychodynamic and the humanistic approaches with a clear focus to coach her clients towards more impactful results for themselves and their stakeholders.

She loves looking for the hope, joy, potential and possibility whilst also embracing vulnerabilities and shadows to learn from both.

Stephanie is very approachable, energetic with joy and easy to connect to people. She strongly believes that presence-based and transformational coaching will have reflective process, sustainable improvements and enable the client to create an inner compass. It can unlock their potential, elicit client-generated solutions and strategies and provide the opportunity to explore to transformative relationships which inspire, energize and motivate others.

Speciality: Career, Executive & Life Coaching; Cross Culture

Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Accredited with CSA since: 2019

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