Coaching Supervision Diploma

The CSA Coaching Supervision Diploma

Established: October 2005

Graduates: 500+


This rigorous, 1-year programme is for experienced professionals who wish to have a recognised qualification in Supervision. Since 2005, CSA has trained over 500 Executive and Business coaches and our accredited  graduate supervisors are working world-wide. Our approach has a dual focus, personal and professional, as it is based upon our assertion that, “who you are, is how you supervise”.


The Diploma Course was one of the first to be accredited by EMCC and CSA has been awarded Approved Provider status by the ICF with 73 CCEUs (46 Core Competencies and 27 Resource Development) and a further 8 CCEUs in Core Competencies can be gained from the compulsory supervision sessions attached to the course.


CSA continues to build: Another chance to complete the CSA Diploma Course in Singapore

After another very successful cohort completes their Diploma Programme in Singapore, arrangements are already underway for the next programme which begins in February 2020

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Location: Singapore


Module 1: 25th-28th February 2020

Module 2: 6th-8th October 2020 







Like its counterparts in CSA’s supervision training around the world, this rigorous 1-year program centers on creating a lively professional partnership with coaches - one in which they can significantly develop their range and capabilities as a coach and supervisor and return to their work resourced and stimulated. It is highly experiential in its approach while still being supported by teaching, practice and feedback in classic and current supervision theories and models.



Who Is This Program For?


Highly skilled, experienced internal and external coaches who want to use their knowledge and expertise differently and who are looking for their next challenge or career move.


Senior people in business or consultants, who have coaching and mentoring as part of their function: for example HR, OD, L&D, Heads of Departments, Change Management and Strategy.


Coaches, mentors, consultants who are looking for a well-established, challenging, EMCC accredited program that can provide an excellent forum for learning and development.


Practitioners in the coaching and mentoring field who want to become a first class supervisor and continue their own journey toward mastery.



    What You Will Learn


    • An in-depth understanding of the Full Spectrum Model – this supervision model was developed from over 16 years of practice, reflection and refinement in the field, so it is highly tested. It includes: Hawkins and Smith’s 7 eyed model, Senge/Sharmer’s work on Presence and U theory, Time to Think and Appreciative Inquiry insights, political, economic and cultural contexts.
    • Current thinking on Relational Dynamics and on Adv. Dialogue Process.
    • Process and structure of coaching supervision including: contracting, designing the working alliance, creating the learning partnership, working with curiosity, emergence and deep reflection
    • Energy management – applying the principles of quantum physics, neuroscience and mindfulness to coaching supervision, including managing strong emotions.
    • Coaching psychology including: Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Transpersonal Psychology, transference, parallel process, collusion, narcissism, deference, blind spots.
    • Latest developments in systems thinking in organisations and the importance of ‘warm data’ – Nora Bateson.
    • A wide variety of tools for use in supervision sessions, for example – Karpman Drama Triangle, Magic Box, Two-chair work, ways to access relational wisdom, use of cards, how to work with metaphor and imagination, somatic presence.
    • How to use the data provided by the Internal Supervisor
    • How to make intelligent use of self in supervision.

    What Are The Benefits?


    • Being at the forefront in people development particularly within the coaching and mentoring industry.
    • Earn ICF 73 CCEUs (46 Core Competencies and 27 Resource Development), a further 8 CCEUs in Core Competencies can be gained from the compulsory supervision sessions attached to the course, and attending a course approved by ICF and accredited by EMCC – European Mentoring and Coaching Council
    • Accreditation by CSA and membership into CSA community of accredited, highly skilled and experienced coaching supervisors
    • Entries in CSA coaching supervision database for those looking for coaching supervisors
    • Additional revenue stream and improvements to your current coaching practice

    What can you expect?


    This experiential course consists of two modules, spaced over 12 months. Throughout the program, students will be supported via tutorials, mentoring and peer feedback. Webinars will   be held throughout the program, and a minimum number must be attended. Students are required to work in regular, peer-practice groups throughout the course, to be in supervision,   and to work with at least fve of their own supervisees during supervised sessions.

    Course Syllabus, Information & Guidance - ICF CCEU’s

    Module 1
    Module 2
    Additional Work
    ICF CCEU’s

    More information and booking your place...

    For further information on the Singapore based CSA Supervision Diploma or to register interest in this programme, please contact Programme Manager, Sam Fremantle


    Cost: $8,950 SGD


    Programme Manager:


    Sam Fremantle





    FREE interactive Webinars - 

    Webinar 6: 7 Eyed Model with Felicia Lauw -

    Friday 20th September 2019 at 8am SGT Singapore

    Contact Sam at for more details and the conference link