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It was great to see so many CSA Graduates and Accredited Supervisors featured in the latest issue of 'Coaching at Work'.

Amanda Ridings, with the third in her series of Weekly Leadership Contemplations, this time writing about 'What Factors Shape our Coaching Perspective'

Catherine Gorham with  a lead feature exploring 'The Many Benefits of Making Nature your Coaching Co-partner'.

Jackie Arnold and her colleagues sharing what they've learnt about Building Wellness, following the release of the book "Empowerment in Health and Wellness" they edited which was released in February this year.

Jan Brause has a piece looking at 'How Coaching Supervision can Deepen our Relationships with Coaches.

Well done to all of them for their hard work and generosity in sharing their knowledge and experience with the community. 

Don't forget as a current Accredited CSA Supervisor you have free access to the 'Coaching at Work' online journal including all previous editions for this year. If you need a reminder of the log in details please reply to this email.

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Upcoming events from CSA
We are delighted to let you know that we have a number of events over the upcoming months!

CSA Spring Conference

20 May, 9am - 5pm, BST
Our inaugural virtual Spring Conference, featuring nine fantastic facilitators, is proving very popular - most places are booked, but there is still some availability. This is your opportunity to 'refresh, revitalise and Resource' with colleagues and friends in the Coaching Supervision community.  To find out about the full programme and to book your place,
click here. View the PDF event brochure here.

Supervising Groups - How am I Showing up?

8 June, 8 - 9.30am, BST
10 June, 3 - 4.30pm, BST

Another opportunity to work with Dr. Alison Hodge looking at some of the questions that arise about the practical aspects of group supervision and how we manage ourselves as supervisors in this setting. For full information and to book, click the date and time links above.

The Write Place

18 June, 8 - 10am, BST
18 June, 3 - 5pm, BST

Continuing the successful ‘Write Place’ series, CSA Faculty members Elaine Patterson and Karyn Prentice invite you to join them for a new two hour reflective creative writing practice Salon called ‘Stepping into the Fire of Your Creativity’.

This is an opportunity to connect and to resource ourselves as we lean into our times – and to be the best we can be for ourselves, our families, our friends, our clients and for our communities. For full information and to book, click the date and time links above.

Cultivating and Choreographing the Rich Tapestry of Whole Hearted Creativity

Join Elaine Patterson and Karyn Prentice from 
PattersonPrenticeDesigns for a year-long, beautifully curated journey where you can cultivate and choreograph the essence of your own whole hearted creativity into a rich tapestry which will both re-Source you and re-Vitalise your professional practice in this new Global Diploma on-line programme.

Starting November 2021 - View the PDF programme brochure here.

Summer Reflection Workshop: Science Meets Creativity

22 June, 9.30 - 10.30am, BST
Every Season has its place and purpose in nature’s cycle. Join Liz Nottingham and Doug Montgomery in our Science meets Creativity Summer Reflection. Using the metaphor and qualities of the season as the inspiration for an hours quiet and deep reflection on what the Summer means for you and what do you want to get from it. For full information and to book, click here

CSA promoted webinars

A new series of CSA promoted webinars, available Free to all CSA Accredited Supervisors will be available in July and September. More excellent facilitators and interesting, relevant topics to help deepen your practice, explore new skills, and share expertise and knowledge. Look out for the emails coming out soon!
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