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Hello from all of us at the Coaching Supervision Academy; we hope that you, your families and colleagues are well.

So much has been going on for us all since our last bulletin, we thought a quick catch up on would be a good idea. As I write this we are enjoying some glorious early Summer sunshine; here's hoping that wherever in the world you are, you are supported by nature's beauty; we are newly aware of how interdependent we are with all that lives.

We cannot ignore the terrible experiences so many of us have had due to the on-going pandemic, or because of the understandable eruption of rage in support of Black Lives Matter. Both of these events have brought fear and our collective shadow, to the surface. We hope, that for each of you, the touch of fear has been light and that your resolve to care better for yourselves and for all that lives, has been strengthened. This bulletin comes with a 'virtual' embrace from all at CSA to anyone in the coaching community whose recent experience has been hard to navigate.

We also applaud the Global Statement on the climate and bio-diversity crisis, from the Professional Bodies for Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision - click here to read it



The CSA Coaching Supervision Diploma

We have courses starting this year in London, Paris and Singapore
with others in Seattle and Switzerland set to start in 2021

This rigorous, 1-year programme is for experienced professionals who wish to have a recognised qualification in Supervision. 

In response to the pandemic, some courses will be virtual, some face to face and some using a mix of delivery formats. Full details can be found on the Diploma section on our website

There are some places still available but as the coaching community starts to rebuild, and interest in the opportunities provided by robust supervision of coaches in practice grows, we are receiving a lot of enquiries about our programme. If you see this year as a chance for growth and a whole new perspectve on your coaching service, now is a great time to gain formal accreditation on a Diploma course recognised for its quality and carrying the mark of appoval by both EMCC and the ICF.

If you are interested but want to have a conversation and ask any questions before deciding, please contact us and we'd be happy to set up a call where we can talk though the programme with you and answer any queries you have.


Leading through Pausing

Two of CSA's accredited supervisors and Faculty members, Liz Nottingham and Dr Doug Montgomery have written a fascinating article on 'Leading through Pausing'

As leaders find themselves leading in uncertainty, in a world where no-one knows very much anymore and all previous bets are off, this piece proposes the case for the leadership pause. What is it like to be a leader and to find yourself in a place of "not knowing?"

Lockdown has provided many with an opportunity to experience more "being" and less doing. What have we noticed about ourselves, what have we learned? What might be emerging as we step forward into the new future?

Surely, we have not gone through this crisis for nothing - let us honour the opportunities and learning it has provided us with a pause to reflect, recover and move forward. What is now possible if you no longer have to know?

Please click here to download and read the full article.

If you find this article interesting and would like to explore being supported through these times in a group of similarly curious leaders, contact Liz and Doug who run facilitated reflective partnerships groups for leaders. CSA Faculty: Liz Nottingham and Dr Doug Montgomery

salomons estate

Cultivating and Choreographing the Rich Tapestry of Whole Hearted Creativity”

A NEW 12 month on line EMCC Global EQA Practitioner Diploma in Creativity from PattersonPrenticeDesigns

     A Virtual 12 month Inquiry to re-Source You and re-Vitalise your Professional Life by Elaine Patterson and Karyn Prentice

This Diploma invites you to explore the ebbs and flows, the warp and weft and the highs and the lows of your own creativity, whilst deepening the understanding of the creative process and leading your own creative project so that you can re-Source yourself in order to re-Vitalise your practice in the community of like minded professionals!

We have chosen the metaphor of tapestry as we see the heart of our creative lives - and any creative endeavour - as the weaving together of the golden threads of our own inner precious uniqueness meeting the outward expression in the world whatever our context or medium.

Click here for a pdf document with all the details

blogs and articles

Articles and Blog Posts

Written by members of the CSA community

We have regular updates to the CSA Blog and Articles section of our website - recent posts include CSA Graduate Dr Doug Montgomery exploring how the craft of bread making is a metaphor for coach supervision, and Amanda Ridings offering some thoughts on the rise of video conferencing.

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Pause for Breath


Our team have been working hard to add Closed Captions in French to the video series - Edna Murdoch: A Supervisor's Diary These educational and inspiring videos gather up the rich learnings from Edna's supervision practice

There are many other video collections with insights and ideas for anyone interested in developing their practice. All available to watch direct from the site and we are adding more captions quickly as we can.

view videos here


There are many ways in which coaches, mentors and leaders use supervision for refreshment in their work. One way is occasionally to have conversations about the 'here and now' of a practitioner's life. For many of us, this current 'here and now', has been shaken to the point that our businesses have been affected, our assumptions challenged, our feelings of anger or fear stirred up. Many of us are carrying a level of uncertainty that is both unusual and uncomfortable. While supervisees are reflecting on client work as usual, many are also wanting to listen deeply to their own internal system at this time, wanting to hear and be heard more fully than usual. We are functioning in a world of work that is very different from how it was even a few months ago and which is unlikely to settle down in the near future.

John Welwood states that : 'It is the supervisor's responsibility to create the conditions for profound attention and for a safe relationship in which both participants can rest 'in open presence within whatever experience arises'. We are noticing that some supervisees are preferring ad hoc sessions at this time, focussing on the 'profound attention' which allows them to 'listen from the silence within themselves', to be resourced at a deep level. We are humbled to engage in this type of exploration with our supervisees and of course, we are changed by it. We continue to offer this supervision-on-call format.

Edna Murdoch and Miriam Orriss

Click here for more details

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