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Welcome to the Coaching Supervision Academy's CPD Opportunities Bulletin.

From webinars and one day skills development events to 4-day retreats exploring new ideas and concepts in the sphere of coaching supervision. This bulletin, which we hope to issue on a regular basis, introduces new CPD opportunities designed specifically for the Coaching Supervision community. If you are a CSA Graduate, attendance at any of these events will count towards your annual CSA reaccreditation.

Booking Places

Some of the events and programmes listed below will be available to book direct from our web site - coachingsupervisionacademy.com Others will be hosted by CSA Graduates or members of the CSA Faculty and a link to the booking details will be provided with each listing.

If you have any questions, please drop me an email at mike@csa.uk.net

7 turns

7 Turns of the Spiral

28 and 29 November 2019 - Sandycove, Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland

During these two days we invite you to bring a creative and kind eye as you open to new understanding and insight through an embodied exploration of the spiral. Discover the rich unfolding of what is calling you in the months to come and beyond so that you can craft a unique signature step by step going forward. According to Joseph Keane, Celtic Revival "if we are to find oneness we will only find it in the three experiences of being. Connection with earth, with self and with the divine"

Hosted by Karyn Prentice and Monica Ross, both Senior Faculty at the Coaching Supervision Academy

Monica Ross is an Embodied Leadership Coach, Coaching Supervisor and Dialogue Facilitator and Karyn Prentice-Fletcher is an accredited Coach and Supervisor, Retreat Leader and Writer

There will be time for individual reflection, embodied exercises, visualisations, space to draw upon the imagination and creative flow of our inner nature and the green spaces of Mother Nature as well as an opportunity to share with like-minded souls.

For more information and booking details click here

Reflect to Create

Reflect to Create

Written by Elaine Patterson, co-leader on the UK CSA Diploma programme

Reflect to Create! is a holistic philosophy and set of reflective practices designed to free your innate creativity and humanity to craft wise, compassionate and skillful leadership, professional practice and supervision.

Explored through the metaphor of the dance and brought alive by nearly two hundred practices, this book invites you, the reader, to reflect, learn, and create anew for inspired living and great work.

Based on the author's research, her own story, and the latest thinking in such diverse spheres as relational dynamics, mindfulness, adult learning, creativity, systems thinking, psychology, and the arts

more details here

Pause for Breath

Pause for Breath

Written by CSA Supervisor - Amanda Ridings

This book is for leaders, coaches and practitioners who are intrigued by their contribution to, and impact on, conversations, and who are committed to cultivating an authentic presence and voice.

The book explores: the influence of internal dialogue on your interactions with others and your effectiveness in your organisation; how to increase your versatility in challenging or delicate conversations and to develop capacity for doing this in 'bad weather' (adverse conditions); and how to germinate systemic change, one leadership conversation at a time

more details here
salomons estate

Beyond Models - Going Deeper

Monday 23rd March - Thursday 26th March 2020

Co-creating an enquiry into the living field of our experience

If you would like to gift yourself the time and space to go deeper, this inquiry-based programme is for you. If you feel the need for refreshment and a deeper vision of the supervision work you offer, this peer learning experience can support you to achieve that.

Leaving our qualifications at the door we will move into the practice of curiosity and emergence. As we spend 4 days together, we will inquire into what takes us beyond established and fixed models. You can expect to be working in a highly collaborative learning community, where easy answers are suspended in favour of deeper possibilities. Our inquiries will lead us along experiential learning paths that use both our client work and our selves. This will include through group process. The environment will be conducive to learning and pausing. The pausing is just as important to the learning experience we will create together.

Each day there will also be space for some personal refection, possibly journalling, walking, contemplation or meditation. Over the four days we will explore our practice from a diverse number of perspectives, moving between the wider field and ourselves. All the time we will be seeking deeper levels of awareness and insight.

Last few places available!

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blogs and articles

Articles and Blog Posts

Written by members of the CSA community

This growing collection of posts and articles are all written with the coaching supervision community in mind. A great selection of reflective thinking and challenging perspectives to help inspire and develop your practice.

see articles here

Pause for Breath


CSA has put together a collection of educational and inspiring short video presentations. Some are stand alone and others in sets, forming a series of linked videos

Many of the videos from our previous site are here, all are free to watch and enjoy and we are regularly adding new content

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A Date for your Diaries!

22nd - 24th April 2020

We are working on an exciting collaboration between CSA and an organisation at the forefront of research and practice development for the coaching supervision community

If the idea of two days spent on a triple track learning approach with reflective space and input from experts while surrounded by beautiful English countryside is appealing, then this event is for you.

Make a note of the dates and watch out for full details to be released very soon

The Coaching Supervision Academy Diploma

This rigorous, 1-year programme is for experienced professionals who wish to have a recognised qualification in Supervision. Since 2005, CSA has trained over 500 Executive and Business coaches and our accredited graduate supervisors are working world-wide. Our approach has a dual focus, personal and professional, as it is based upon our assertion that, "who you are, is how you supervise".

CSA Diploma Singapore

Graduates working together on our Asia-Pacific Diploma Programme

New course starting in February 2020

Last few places still available

more details here

CSA Diploma UK

Exploring supervision models on our UK Diploma Programme

New course starting in October 2020

Accepting applications

MORE details here

We have well established programmes now running in America, Singapore, Switzerland and the UK with plans for a number of other regions coming on stream soon.

The Diploma Course was one of the first to be accredited by EMCC and CSA has been awarded Approved Provider status by the ICF with 73 CCEUs (46 Core Competencies and 27 Resource Development) and a further 8 CCEUs in Core Competencies can be gained from the compulsory supervision sessions attached to the course.

If you or a colleague would be interested in joining one of our Diploma Programmes, please contact us at sam@csa.uk.net or mike@csa.uk.net or forward this email on so that they might enquire direct.

Graduates finishing our Bi-lingual Swiss Diploma Programme

New course starting in December 2019

Last few places available

more details here

Graduates working together on our NA Diploma Programme held in New Jersey

New course starting in January 2020

Last few places available

MORE details here

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