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As we move into autumn, we are glad to see so much activity in coaching and supervision. The most recent - and very successful - on-line summit over 24 hours, was hosted by the Climate Coaching Alliance. During the summit, a global gathering engaged collaborative conversation about our professional response to the climate crisis.  Coaching is responding imaginatively to the global challenges we face and if you would like to know more or get involved, click here.  

Another theme that is current in our professional conversations right now is that of recognising and working safely with trauma - individual and collective trauma.  If you would like to increase your knowledge and/or skill set in this territory, 
Dr Gabor Mate is a very useful resource.  He has many videos on YouTube and along with colleagues in the field, presents in Trauma Summits. We highly recommend his work.
Edna Murdoch Director CSA

Coaching is Political!

CSA Graduate Martin Vogel has co-written a superb article that addresses current political discourses and their challenge to coaches. Martin is co-founder of Vogel Wakefield and the article appears in the January 2020 edition of Coaching Perspectives. Click here to read it.

Wonderful article by Dr Joe Dispenza - Staying Calm in the Eye of the Storm

"If you don't realize that we're living in what are overtly challenging times, then you're probably not paying attention. In the micro sense, it seems everybody I know is going through something on a personal level. In the macro sense, these personal journeys are being  exacerbated by threats of

nuclear attacks, political breakdowns, financial crises, racial tension, mass shootings, devastating earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, merciless wildfires, storm-of-the-century hurricanes, and more. It is indeed a sign of the times... but I'm not playing the game, and I invite you to do the same..." 
Click here for more.
(above: participants on our Asia-Pacific Diploma course)

Diploma courses off to a fabulous start!

Our UK and Asia-Pacific diploma courses are off to a fabulous start. Both have a full cohort of enthusiastic students; the first calls have been completed and were a great success. Our French course is due to start in October with another lively group of students looking forward to starting their journey with CSA. We wish great learning for all those who are joining CSA for this exceptional, challenging diploma programme! 

Upcoming diploma courses

The fourth North American diploma course has just completed, and the next one is getting ready to start in January of 2021 - full details are available here.

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in joining one of our future diploma programmes, some dates are already in place - full information is available
on our website. Please contact us or forward this email so that they can get in touch 

Dr Alison Hodge to present at the ICF Australasia 2020 Transform Conference

We are delighted that CSA's Consultant to Curriculum and Faculty, Dr Alison Hodge, is to present at the ICF Australasia Transform Conference (online) next week. She will be talking about mapping the territory and dynamics of team coaching. You can find out more from her website here.

Short reflective dialogues with Amanda Ridings

CSA graduate, Amanda Ridings, who completed our diploma in 2009, is starting a pilot series of short reflective dialogues. These will use extracts from her book 'Weekly Leadership Contemplations' as a framework for exploring recent leadership experiences. The series will be limited to a small group and will comprise 5 calls of 90 minutes. Contact Amanda for full information.

7 years of
'Full Spectrum Supervision'

Last week we celebrated CSA's book 'Full Spectrum Supervision', It continues to take its place in coaching supervision literature. It paved the way to look at supervision through a wider lens, opening the practice to fields beyond coaching, and addresses the foundational elements of coaching supervision, leaving the reader both informed and resourced. 

Click here to order your copy.
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