Supervision Group wth Edna Murdoch

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Facilitatd by EDNA MURDOCH, CEO CSA: NEW  Supervision Group, Starting Autumn 2019


A series of 6 sessions, each lasting 90 minutes designed for a maximum group of 5 people.


Groups are great places in which to learn. I love running them and I love learning in them. I have run supervision groups for many years now – groups for supervisors, coaches and internal coaches.

Into this group, you can bring client work, contractual conversations, coaching themes, critical incidents in your work, personal reflections and anything else that you feel might be useful for you to talk about in supervision.  I want you to feel that whatever your musings are or whatever your coaching enquiries are, you can bring them into the room; you do not have to look only at client issues. I really want the learning space to be open and for you to feel free to explore whatever you need to in order to return to your work refreshed and resourced.




This skills development series will be delivered in a webinar format via Zoom conference link. Don't worry if you are not familiar with this process. Our team will be on hand to offer assistance and guide you through the sign on process.




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