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Introduction to CSA

This is The Coaching Supervision Academy – CSA International.

CSA International, established in 2005, offers first-class supervision training for coaches, mentors, leaders, HR and People Professionals.

CSA is excited about the future. We continue to learn and to grow: our global team of trainers, tutors, webinar leaders and supervisors increases each year; new additions bring fresh insight and skill to our endeavours (you can meet them all here). The faculty continues to be mentored by CSA Senior Faculty on a regular basis.

Breaking News!

CSA/AP Diploma Programme begins with great energy, excitement and lots of smiles


September 2020


CSA/AP  is delighted to celebrate the beginning of this very-long-awaited course,

delayed by the start of Covid but now full of energy and excitement.

UK Diploma Programme makes great start


16th September 2020

Many of the Students on the new virtual 'UK15' Diploma programme met for the first time with Faculty to get the programme underway. 

A member of the group said afterwards:


"Many thanks... for your contribution to the positive energy we can feel in the group!

I’m very much looking forward to starting this learning journey with you all!"


Another 'welcome' session will be held next week for other members of the group - What a joyful start!

Just announced!  Dates for CSA’s Accredited Supervision diploma starting in October 2021


Module 1: 14th & 15th Oct 2021

Module 2: 17th & 18th Feb 2022

Module 3: 16th &17th June 2022 

Module 4: 8th & 9th Sep 2022


It will be lead by Karyn Prentice and Elaine Patterson and supported by an experienced team of senior CSA trainers, tutors and supervisors. 


Please contact Edna Murdoch if you would like more information about this programme:

Contemplating Leadership with Amanda Ridings

A pilot series of short reflective dialogues


These encounters will form five purposeful ‘breathing spaces’ for a small group of leaders, in which to reflect on our leadership practice and reconnect with our leadership spirit. Together, we’ll:

Use pieces from my recent book, Weekly Leadership Contemplations, as a framework for exploring our recent leadership experiences; and

Enjoy the ‘food for thought’ generated by the sort of conversations with kindred spirits that may have recently been in short supply.

Click here for more details and bookng information


The monthly sessions will be 90 minutes in duration, scheduled for 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon to offer a precious yet practical oasis of companionship and thoughtful conversation. Places are limited to six.

CSA North America  completed its 2020 programme with joyful learning




Fifteen participants who began their coaching supervision journey face to face in Princeton, completed this transformational program, virtually. The  depth and breadth of their experience nevertheless, was stunning to hear. Led by Sam Magill and Lynne DeLay and their brilliant team Sophie Bizeul, Ken Giglio and Karyn Prentice, an amazing final two days was had by all. 


The next CSA NA program begins early 2021.


CSA Diploma in Coaching Supervion Approved by the ICF



We are delighted to announce that CSA has contiunued its Approved Provider status with the ICF and our Diploma in Coaching Supervision course now carries 108.5 CCEUs. These are made up of 77.5 Core Competencies and 31 Resource Development.


This is a significant increase from last year and reflects the ongoing development of the program and the amazing
work of our global faculty.  


Edna Murdoch & Miriam Orriss

Happy Birthday! - Full Spectrum Supervision


On the 19th September this book has spent 7 years at the forefront of guiding professionals in the Coach Supervision sector.


To celebrate this anniversary, we have a two special promotional offers. If you prefer a digital format, Amazon is discounting the
price until the 24th September to just 99p/99c.  Alternatively, we have 100 free paperback copies available. To claim a copy, go to
Amazon's site, post a review of the book, then send an email to mike@csa.uk.net to say your review is online and for the first

100 submissions I'll post a new copy out to you absolutely free.


Recent Articles and Site Content

8th August 2020 - A new article wriiten by CSA Graduate Neil Williams explores "Virtual Suipervision on Call, Flexibly"

"Whether we are coaching or supervising I think flexibility is the key for developing our relationships and
spreading the word and making it easier for people and coaches to get support, when they need it.. Click here to read the post

3rd August 2020 - A blog post from CSA Graduate Julie Johnson exploring sharing patterns you notice during

supervision sessions and how we can remind our coachees of the strengths they have that can help them improve. Click here to read the post

25th June 2020 - A blog post from Edna Murdoch, co-founder of CSA

"In the recently quietened world, many of us have felt the touch of the what we might call sacred – there is more tenderness,

more heart, more giving, more clarity – and renewed purpose. Individual, and societal purpose."  Cick here to read the whole post

17th June 2020 - An offering to Coaches in this time of upheaval from Doug Montgomery and Liz Nottingham

Now, more than ever, we coaches need a safe space to pause, reflect and refresh ourselves.

Group Coach Super-Vision provides just such a space. Cick here for details

28th May 2020 - We have now added Closed Captions in French to Edna Murdoch's video series 

Edna Murdoch: A Supervisor’s Diary

These educational and inspiring videos gather up the rich learnings from Edna's supervision practice

21st May 2020 - The fourth in the series of 'Talking Together' videos

with Dr Alison Hodge and Edna Murdoch - Reflections on an extraordinary time

20th May 2020 - View a short video of Program Leader Sam Magill at IslandWood Learning Centre -

the venue for  the next CSA Diploma Program being held in North America

You can click here to download an information sheet about the Program

12th May 2020 - CSA Graduate Doug Montomgery  is our latest Blog author and offers a new article

which explores how the craft of bread making is a metaphor for coach supervision

International ICF Approved and EMCC Accredited Supervision Diploma Programmes

This is a truly international programme and in 2020-2021 we have courses already open for bookings in

London - UK October 2020 to October 2021

North America - January 2021 to November 2021

Singapore - October 2020 to October 2021

France - Octobner 2020 to October 2021

We have more courses planned for 2021 including some new destinations,

introducing the CSA Diploma course to new audiences of international coaches.

Download a free article on Coaching Supervision

Download a free chapter from our book

'Coaching supervision enables coaches and people professionals to reflect creatively on WHO and HOW they are being in each moment and to become intelligent about the potential impact of ‘self’ in every coaching, chemistry, contracting, business or leadership conversation which they hold.

As coaches and people professionals, we need to be fully present and engaged AND yet spacious and witnessing – giving attention to what is in front of us (coachee, group or commissioning client), to what is between us (the energy and relationship between) and to what is going on inside our own systems as we work (reflecting in action and attending to our own internal supervisor)”

From a recent review -


"This book is hugely informative, visionary and engaging - by far the best I have read on supervision to date. It adds great depth and breadth to the supervision process and demonstrates very clearly how the supervisory relationship at its most effective is a learning partnership between two professionals"


5* - A must read for supervisors and coaches!


5* - An excellent resource


What is the CSA Diploma in Coaching Supervision?

Watch the video here for a unique opportunity to hear Edna Murdoch, one of the pioneers of Coaching Supervision, talk about the birth of coaching supervision and of the Coaching Supervision Academy, about what supervision does and about the internationally successful CSA supervision diploma.


There are lots more free videos available exploring some of the models used in our Diploma and other supervision practice development skills - Click here to view the library