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Introduction to CSA

This is The Coaching Supervision Academy – CSA International.

CSA International, established in 2005, offers first-class supervision training for coaches, mentors, leaders, HR and People Professionals.

CSA is excited about the future. We continue to learn and to grow: our global team of trainers, tutors, webinar leaders and supervisors increases each year; new additions bring fresh insight and skill to our endeavours (you can meet them all here). The faculty continues to be mentored by CSA Senior Faculty on a regular basis.

Breaking News!

A new Supervision Group for Coaches

CSA Accredited Supervisor

Miranda Rock



As a CSA Accredited supervisor, who is experienced with groups, I am setting up a new group for coaches who want to develop, deepen and elevate their practice. Supervision in a Group provides a unique opportunity for learning and development of ourselves as coaches, bringing with it the chance to learn from others, to broaden our own thinking and to understand something about the dynamics, conscious and unconscious that arise in relationships of all kinds. In our coaching, whether with individuals or teams, there will be underlying dynamics at play.


Please click here to download a more detailed description of the group  


If you’d like to learn more, do please email miranda@cwgsy.net


I really look forward to hearing from you and discussing whether this might be
the right opportunity for you in your own stage of development.




New CSA programme -
Certificate in Developing Self as Group Coaching Supervisor 




Faculty member and Senior Curriculum Consultant Dr. Alison Hodge and Kathryn Downing are working with us to

develop a new programme for qualified supervisors who work with groups launching in 2021.


Dates and all the details have now been confirmed Click here for more information

Click here to register your interest


New Dates set for Diploma Programmes
in APAC and the Americas for 2022/23


CSA Asia Pacific (AP8)


Orientation: Friday 3rd June 2022, 9am-10.30am SGT / 11am-12.30pm AEST


Pre-course call:

Friday 15th July 2022, 9am-10.30am SGT / 11am-12.30pm AEST


Module 1:

Module 1:Monday 12th to 
Wednesday 14th September 2022


Module 2: Monday 20th to 
Wednesday 22nd February 2023


Module 3: Monday 22nd and
Tuesday 23rd May 2023


Days will run from 10am-4pm SGT / 12pm-6pm AEST



CSA Americas (AM7)



Friday 18th March 2022, 7am-8.30am PDT /

10am-11.30am EDT

Pre-course call: Friday 6th May, 2022, 7am-8.30am PDT /

10am-11.30am EDT


Module 1: Wednesday 22nd to

Friday 24th June 2022


Module 2: Wednesday 12th to

Friday 14th October 2022


Module 3: Thursday 9th to

Friday 10th March 2023

Days will run from 7am-1pm PDT / 10am-4pm EDT 

For more information please use the links above or contact the Programme Manager:


Sam Fremantle


Email: sam@csa-ap.com


Supervision through the lens of TA and Energy Work





Co- founder of CSA -
Miriam Orriss



Rare Opportunity to join one of Miriam Orriss’ supervision groups.

A space has become available in the monthly Friday Morning and also the Monday afternoon groups .Starts dates still to be finally confirmed, but likely to be after the week beginning April 12th. Supervision through the lens of TA and Energy Work.


Contact Miriam if you are interested: miriam@csa.uk.net


A New Flagship Diploma - Booking now for November


A Virtual 12 month Inquiry to re-Source You and re-Vitalise your Professional Life


Cultivating and Choreographing the Rich
Tapestry of Whole Hearted Creativity

“Each of us holds a thread of some vast tapestry that we cannot know alone. It is in that awareness that we gather, laying down our burdens lifting up the threads”

Extract from Judy Brown’s poem 'Retreat’



A new EMCC Global Quality Award Level 5 Bespoke Accredited Practitioner
Diploma Programme from PattersonPrenticeDesigns

Join us for a year long beautifully curated journey where you can cultivate and choreograph
the essence of your own whole hearted creativity into a rich tapestry which will both re-Source
you and re-Vitalise your professional practice in this new Global Diploma on-line programme.


Please click here for a brochure for more information:

To discuss or to reserve your place please email
Elaine at Elaine@ep-ec.com or
Karyn at karyn@fletcherprentice.com


Low cost supervision with CSA students. Students on the globally acclaimed, accredited  CSA supervision programme are looking for supervisees. Contracts for 5 sessions are agreed individually between supervisor and supervisee. All our students are experienced Executive Coaches and many of them are already supervising. Your work with them would also be supervised by senior CSA faculty.  So you would be in good hands!

If you are interested in this opportunity, kindly email Sam Fremantle at sam@csa.uk.net

Recent Articles and Site Content

22nd October 2021 - CSA Faculty members Karyn and Elaine begin their EQA Diploma programme in November  -
There is still time to register for a place
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6th July  2021 - CSA Accredited Coach Supervisor Brian Duggan has his book published -
'Coaching from the inside out: A personal approach to coaching for change'
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17th June 2021 - CSA Faculty member Amanda Ridings is holding another in her series 'Contemplating Leadership'
6 monthly sessions to reflect on leadership practice. Places are limited. Click here for details

1st June 2021 - A fascinating new post for CSA Accredited Coach Supervisor Amanda Ridings
has just been added on LinkedIn titled "Beyond disagreement"

5th May 2021 - CSA Accredited Coach Supervisor Thea Bombeek is leading a session at the
EMCC 27th Global Mentoring, Coaching, and Supervision Conference being held on the 12-14 May 2021.

27th April  2021 - It was great to see so many CSA Graduates and Accredited Supervisors featured in the latest issue of 'Coaching at Work' journal.

Click here to see the highlights, CSA Accredited Supervors have FREE access to this all previous editions.

10th April  2021 - We have lots of new events and opportunities to develop your practice, learn from experts and network with others in the Coaching- Supervision community.
Click here to see details of some of the events happening soon 

International ICF Approved and EMCC Accredited Supervision Diploma Programmes

This is a truly international programme and in 2020-2021 we have courses already open for bookings in:

CSA Asia Pacific (AP8)

Orientation: Friday 3rd June 2022 9.00am-10.00am SGT / 11.00am-12.00pm AEST

Pre-course call: Friday 15th July 2022 9.00am-10.00am SGT / 11.00am-12.00pm AEST

Module 1:Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th September 2022

Module 2: Monday 20th to Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Module 3: Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd May 2023

Days will run from 10am-4.30pm SGT / 12pm-6.30pm AEST

CSA Americas (AMS7)

Orientation: Friday 18th March 2022 7.00am-8.00am PDT / 10am-11.00am EDT
Pre-course call: Friday 6th May, 2022 7.00am-8.00am PDT / 10am-11.00am EDT

Module 1: Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th June 2022

Module 2: Wednesday 12th to Friday 14th October 2022

Module 3: Thursday 9th to Friday 10th March 2023

Days will run from 7am-1.30pm PDT / 10am-4.30pm EDT 

CSA francophone 2021

Module 1 : October 21st and 22nd, 2021

Module 2 : March 24th and 25th, 2022

Module 3 : June 23rd and 24th, 2022

Module 4 : September 22nd and 23rd, 2022

We have more courses planned for 2021 including some new destinations,

introducing the CSA Diploma course to new audiences of international coaches.

Download a free article on Coaching Supervision

Download a free chapter from our book

'Coaching supervision enables coaches and people professionals to reflect creatively on WHO and HOW they are being in each moment and to become intelligent about the potential impact of ‘self’ in every coaching, chemistry, contracting, business or leadership conversation which they hold.

As coaches and people professionals, we need to be fully present and engaged AND yet spacious and witnessing – giving attention to what is in front of us (coachee, group or commissioning client), to what is between us (the energy and relationship between) and to what is going on inside our own systems as we work (reflecting in action and attending to our own internal supervisor)”

From a recent review -


"This book is hugely informative, visionary and engaging - by far the best I have read on supervision to date. It adds great depth and breadth to the supervision process and demonstrates very clearly how the supervisory relationship at its most effective is a learning partnership between two professionals"


5* - A must read for supervisors and coaches!


5* - An excellent resource


What is the CSA Diploma in Coaching Supervision?

Watch the video here for a unique opportunity to hear Edna Murdoch, one of the pioneers of Coaching Supervision, talk about the birth of coaching supervision and of the Coaching Supervision Academy, about what supervision does and about the internationally successful CSA supervision diploma.


There are lots more free videos available exploring some of the models used in our Diploma and other supervision practice development skills - Click here to view the library


“People come to the course not for a person but for a team, a vision, a purpose, a culture and an ethos”