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This is the new web site for the Coaching Supervision Academy – CSA International. Our old site and all the content will remain available as we transfer new content to this platform.


CSA International, established in 2005, offers first-class supervision training for coaches, mentors, leaders, HR and People Professionals.


CSA is excited about the future. We continue to learn and to grow: our global team of trainers, tutors, webinar leaders and supervisors increases each year; new additions bring fresh insight and skill to our endeavours (you can meet them all here). The faculty continues to be mentored by CSA Senior Faculty on a regular basis.

Breaking News!

Staying Calm in the Eye of the Storm




'Dr Joe Dispenza writes of the need for profound centering in these times.  Coaches and supervisors will be aware of practices that support presence and how these calm the amygdala and clear our minds. This article - from 2017! -  powerfully underllnes  the value of these practices and how we might consciously stay in the 'eye of the storm’ rather than be pulled into unnecessary distress right now ’


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New Book - Out Now

Elaine Patterson

Jackie Arnold



CSA Faculty, Elaine Patterson and Jackie Arnold have a new book published which is based on new research, interviews and new thinking which enable us to resource, support and encourage the global leader – both in delivering their organisation’s purpose and playing their part in attaining the United Nations 2030 Seventeen Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The book is a call to action - to think globally and to act locally.


Tomorrow's Global Leaders Today (Amazon Link)


Information sheet (pdf)




New Book - Nature's Way


Available through Amazon


We are often so busy that it is as if time runs away with us. As a result we may not always take the pause needed to truly steep ourselves in the abundance of what is just outside the door in the green spaces of nature. Even with successful projects do we take time to really harvest and savour with grace and compassion all the goodness? The higher tech we become the more we need nature’s tonic  to help us connect to all of our senses, where  we  can feel more  alive and where we  can fine tune and calibrate our inner landscape with the sanctuary and bond of the natural environment. .


Nature’s Way, by Karyn Prentice will be the reader’s  year-long companion guiding  you season by season through the  language and  lens  of  Mother  Nature's ever-changing  cycle and with the evocative metaphor of  the garden.


New Book - Our Humanity@ Work

by CSA Programme Lead
Elaine Patterson


Available from 3rd February 2020 - click here for Amazon link


Working with the 7C’s – the 7 Human Capacities – for Insight, Learning and Change. A New Lens for Coaching, Coaching Supervision and Executive Reflection


A new Reflective Practice Workbook and Journal from Elaine Patterson, Author of “Reflect to Create! The Dance of Reflection for Creative Leadership, Professional Practice and Supervision.


“Our Humanity@Work” - the 7Cs for Learning, Insight and Change - is a new reflective lens for heart-based Coaching, Coaching Supervision and Executive Reflection in today’s often harsh and complex world.




January 2020


A great launch to the latest
CSA Diploma course
taking place in Princeton US


Feedback from a delegate on previous US course:


“I can say at this point in my career and life that the CSA program has opened many inner and outer doors, thus transforming my experience as a professional coach and enlightening me as a person along the way.” KG .


Click here for more information about the course



A great start to the Swiss 2020 Diploma Programme


Our Bi-lingual Dploma programme held in Geneva, Switzerland made a great start with the first module completing in December 2019.


A wonderful group sharing the learning experience with our team of facilitators. We wish them every success on their journey with CSA.


We have another bi-lingual course planned for next year as well a French language course hosted in France.
click here to receive details of these courses as soon as they are available


Coaching At Work interviews Edna Murdoch


My Simple Life: a profile of Edna Murdoch: One of the founders of Coaching Supervision
Academy, and an early mover and shaker coach supervision, tells Liz Hall why who you are
is how you work - read moret


Recent Articles and Site Content

13th March 2020 - CSA Graduate Julie Johnson

explores 'question stacking' in supervision

1st March 2020 - “Are you interested in the next french spoken CSA Diploma course being held in Paris?


Our programme Leader, Antonino Musumeci will be holding an online Information session via Zoom on

Tuesday March 17th at 7.00pm CET

Thursday April 2nd at 6pm CET

Please contact him at info@generativehub.com for any further information you may require or to attend the information sessions.


CSA est ravis d'annoncer la prochaine volée en français du Diplôme de Superviseur de Coach CSA à Paris (France) dès novembre 2020.

Une séance d’information via zoom aura lieu le

mardi 17 mars à 19h CET

jeudi 2 avril à 18h CET

Merci de contacter Antonino Musumeci à info@generativehub.com, pour toute question relative à notre formation ou pour assister aux sessions d’informations”

The third in the series of 'Talking Together' videos

with Dr Alison Hodge and Edna Murdoch

Developing a Way of Working

International ICF Approved and EMCC Accredited Supervision Diploma Programmes


This is a truly international programme and in 2020-2021 we have courses already booked to be delivered in


London - UK October 2020 - October 2021


We have more courses planned for 2021 including some new destinations,

introducing the CSA Diploma course to new audiences of international coaches.



Download a free article on Coaching Supervision

Download a free chapter from our book

'Coaching supervision enables coaches and people professionals to reflect creatively on WHO and HOW they are being in each moment and to become intelligent about the potential impact of ‘self’ in every coaching, chemistry, contracting, business or leadership conversation which they hold.

As coaches and people professionals, we need to be fully present and engaged AND yet spacious and witnessing – giving attention to what is in front of us (coachee, group or commissioning client), to what is between us (the energy and relationship between) and to what is going on inside our own systems as we work (reflecting in action and attending to our own internal supervisor)”

From a recent review -


"This book is hugely informative, visionary and engaging - by far the best I have read on supervision to date. It adds great depth and breadth to the supervision process and demonstrates very clearly how the supervisory relationship at its most effective is a learning partnership between two professionals"


5* - A must read for supervisors and coaches!


5* - An excellent resource


What is the CSA Diploma in Coaching Supervision?

Watch the video here for a unique opportunity to hear Edna Murdoch, one of the pioneers of Coaching Supervision, talk about the birth of coaching supervision and of the Coaching Supervision Academy, about what supervision does and about the internationally successful CSA supervision diploma.


There are lots more free videos available exploring some of the models used in our Diploma and other supervision practice development skills - Click here to view the library