International Diploma Programmes

The CSA Coaching Supervision Diploma

Established: October 2005

Graduates: 600+


This rigorous, 1-year programme is for experienced professionals who wish to have a  globally recognised qualification in Supervision. Since 2005, CSA has trained over 600 Executive and Business coaches from a rich and diverse range of different backgrounds, cultures and experiences; our accredited graduate supervisors work worldwide in a wide variety of different contexts. Our approach is to develop the human being as well as the professional practitioner, because it is our belief that, “who you are, is how you supervise”®. This statement is grounded in a deep appreciation of our shared humanity, an honouring and respecting  of uniqueness and our care for the earth.


The CSA Diploma Course was one of the first to be accredited by EMCC and has continued its accreditation with EMCC and Approved Provider status with the ICF.  The Diploma now carries 108.5 CCEUs. These are made up of 77.5 Core Competencies and 31 Resource Development.  


CSA accredited supervision programmes will be run virtually until lockdown is lifted.  


Please contact your respective Programme Leader for further information.  


Edna Murdoch

Location: Virtual

Orientation: Friday 3rd June 2022
9.00am-10.00am SGT / 11.00am-12.00pm AEST

Pre-course call: Friday 15th July 2022
9.00am-10.00am SGT / 11.00am-12.00pm AEST

Module 1:Monday 12th to 
Wednesday 14th September 2022

Module 2: Monday 20th to 
Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Module 3: Monday 22nd and
Tuesday 23rd May 2023

Days will run from
10am-4.30pm SGT / 12pm-6.30pm AEST


Location: presential / virtual -
Depending on Covid restriction

Delivered in French and English

New dates for Spring 2022 will be available soon.

Places are limited please contact Nino Musumeci
as soon as possible if you are interested in a place.

Contact: Nino Musumeci - Programme Lead

Location: Virtual

This wil be virtual and in French

and starts in October 2021

Module 1 : October 21st and 22nd, 2021

Module 2 : March 24th and 25th, 2022

Module 3 : June 23rd and 24th, 2022

Module 4 : September 22nd and 23rd, 2022

Places are limited please contact Nino Musumeci
as soon as possible if you are interested in a place.

Contact: Nino Musumeci - Programme Lead

Diploma Programme

Location: Switzerland


We are currently developing a 'Residential' Diploma model. This will be designed around a single 8/9 day face to face/presential campus in the Spring or Summer of 2023 with the remainder of the programme elements delivered virtually over the following 12 months.


Places will be limited, but if you would be interested in this format please contact Nino Musumeci as soon as possible.

Contact: Nino Musumeci - Programme Lead



Location: Virtual

Orientation: Friday 18th March 2022
7.00am-8.00am PDT / 10am-11.00am EDT

Pre-course call: Friday 6th May, 2022

7.00am-8.00am PDT / 10am-11.00am EDT

Module 1: Wednesday 22nd to
Friday 24th June 2022

Module 2: Wednesday 12th to

Friday 14th October 2022

Module 3: Thursday 9th to

Friday 10th March 2023

Days will run from 7am-1.30pm PDT / 10am-4.30pm EDT 


Location: Virtual

Module 1: 
13th and 14th October 2022

Module 2:
16th 17th Feb 2023

Module 3:
15th and 16th  June 2023

Module 4:
7th and 8th September 2023 

Please contact Michael Smith if you would like more information about this programme:


"Going through this CSA Supervision training is like a hero’s journey to finally discover that Who you are is how you supervise. Curiously it made my coaching practice more alive and grounded. It also got me to practice exactly the kind of work I really wanted and was made to do. 


The trainers I had the priviledge to be taught by  are world class supervisors and very humble teachers. This training is already a place to experiment supervision and get a sense of what it’s like. And the CSA models and content are just eye opening and so generative. I feel so grateful for this training"


JT - Diploma Programme Switzerland 2019

Designed for: Highly skilled, experienced executive coaches, internal and external coaches, and people professionals who employ coaching techniques in their work as HR directors or OD consultants.


Professionals who want to use their knowledge and expertise differently and who are looking for their next challenge or career move.



Location: Virtual


Le Diplôme Français de Superviseur d'Entraîneurs pour coachs professionnels, managers, RH et cadres supérieurs, est dispensé en région parisienne et délivré en français. Cette formation de haut niveau vous permettra de vous engager dans un développement professionnel avancé avec vos pairs, d'améliorer vos compétences de coaching, de comprendre et de devenir compétent en supervision de coaching et d'être bien placé sur ce marché en croissance.


Lire la suite...


Location: Virtual


Like its counterparts in the UK, France, and around the world, this rigorous 1-year program centers on creating a lively professional partnership with coaches; one in which they can significantly develop their range and capabilities as a coach and supervisor and return to their work resourced and stimulated. It is highly experiential in its approach while still being supported by teaching and practice in current supervision theories and models.



Location: Virtual



Bi-Lingual Course -

delivered in English and French

This highly respected course will enable you to engage in advanced professional development with peers, enhance your coaching skills, understand and become skilful in coaching supervision and be well placed in this growing marketplace. You will be able to continue your learning with the international CSA community.



Location: Virtual


A graduate of the UK course said "The CSA supervision programme has added enormous value to my development…a stunning, original programme full of heart and rigour in equal measure…the CSA diploma in supervision is expertly designed….will engage all types of learners…stretched me in many wonderful directions…genuine care from all the staff…energy, enthusiasm and authenticity of the faculty is inspiring.”




Location: Virtual